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2015 Certification Renewal Options

Certification is valid for four years. Renewal application deadline dates occur several months before certification expires. You cannot renew certification after it expires. If you miss the renewal application deadline date you may reinstate your certification, or meet the eligibility criteria for initial candidates and pass the test.

2015 Renewal Fees

2015 Renewal Application Deadline Dates
Option 1 (ONC-PRO)
  • June 15, 2015 – Submit your complete renewal application and be entered to win one of five lifetime of free renewal prizes
  • September 15, 2015 – Early bird application deadline (save $100 of the final deadline fee).
  • October 15, 2015 – Final deadline date. Last date to earn ONC-PRO points and apply for renewal

Option 2 (Testing) or Option 3 (Test+ONC-PRO) – apply by the 2015 Test Application Deadline Dates – for the desired test window.

Renewal Eligibility Criteria – See the criteria for your credential
Note: For certification, nursing practice includes hours or months worked in a role that must be filled by an RN. Hours worked in roles that can be filled by an individual other than an RN do not qualify as nursing practice. Candidates without practice hours may only renew by Option 3.

Renewal Options
Candidates must meet two of three components required for renewal: practice hours, professional development points (known as the Oncology Nursing Certification Points Renewal Option or ONC-PRO), or successful retesting. There are three recertification options, based on these components:
Option 1 ONC-PRO: Practice Hours + Professional development points
Option 2 Testing: Practice Hours + successful testing*
Option 3 ONC-PRO+Testing: Professional development points + Successful testing*

*AOCN® and CPON® certification may only be renewed by Option 1.

Continuing Competency - Read ONCC’s philosophy on continuing competency related to certification renewal.

Renewal of Multiple Credentials in the Same Year
Candidates who are renewing multiple credentials in the same year by Option 1 or Option 3 must meet the eligibility criteria for each certification. Candidates renewing multiple credentials may use the same set of ONC-PRO points, provided the points meet the criteria for renewal of each certification. The fee to renew multiple certification credentials in the same year is $100 more than the fee for the desired renewal option. Candidates renewing multiple credentials at the same time should apply using a paper application form section.

Renewal Notices – ONCC sends certified nurses multiple renewal reminders by mail, email, and phone. It is important to keep your current contact information in your ONCC profile at all times. Because delivery of renewal notices can't be guaranteed, it is the candidate’s responsibility to apply for renewal of certification before the application deadline date. If you have unsubscribed from bulk emails, or use a workplace email address you may not receive email messages as intended. Please use a personal email address, or request your employer not block ONCC emails. Also, be sure to check your spam or junk mail folders regularly for communications from ONCC.