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The following are examples of CE offerings that apply in the categories of Professional Practice/Professional Performance. Other programs may apply as well.

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Professional - Professional Performance (OCN®/CBCN®/CPHON®)
Professional Practice (AOCNP®/AOCNS®/BMTCN®)

The ACA and Breast Cancer: Access, Treatment and Preventionce.nurse.com1
Access Devices: The Virtual Clinic (After July 2016)ONS4.3
Access Devices: The Virtual Clinic (Before July 2016)ONS7.5
Adherence and Oral Agents for Cancer (ONS Journal Activity June 2015 Supplement)ONS1.96
Advance Directives: Conversation Mattersce.nurse.com1
Advancements in Cancer Care and TreatmentONS1.75
Affordable Care Act: What It Means for the Cancer Patientce.nurse.com1
After Cancer TreatmentHomestead Schools4.5
Advocacy 101: Making a DifferenceONS4.7
Ascites and EffusionsONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.2
Bacterial ResistanceNetCE5
The Barriers, Supports and Nursing Interventions of Breast Cancer Navigation Programce.nurse.com1
Blood Transfusions: An OverviewNurseCE4less3
Bone Marrow Suppression in Patients with CancerONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.4
Breast Cancer: Survivorship and Quality of LifeONS4.58
Burnout: Impact on Nursing and Quality of CareNetCE5
Cancer and Chemotherapyce.nurse.com2 (Except 1 BMTCN®)
Cancer BasicsONS.5 OR 1
Cancer in Women, Update 2nd EditionWestern Schools2.35
Cancer Nursing: A Solid Foundation for Practice (2nd Edition)Western Schools

7 - OCN®


Cancer Nursing: A Solid Foundation for Practice (3rd Edition)Western Schools2.5
Cancer Navigation: Reducing Barriers to Timely Carece.nurse.com1
Cancer-Related FatigueONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1
Cancer-Related Genitourinary ComplicationsONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1
Case Management of the Oncology PatientWestern Schools



Central Line Associated with Blood Stream InfectionsONS2.4
Central Line Associated Blodstream Infections Beyond Policy and ProcedureRN.com1
Chemotherapeutic Approaches to Cancer TreatmentWestern Schools4
Chemotherapy and Safe Handling: Limiting Nursing Exposure with a hazardous drug control program (February 2017)ONS Journal Activity0.5
Chemotherapy Biotherapy Certificate CourseONS3.75 (Except BMTCN®)
Chemotherapy Biotherapy Certificate Renewal CourseONS



Chemotherapy Biotherapy: Fundamentals of AdministrationONS3
Childhood Leukemias and ManagementNetCE0.9
Clinical Trials 101ONS11.9 OR 14.9
Clinical Trials in OncologyONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource0.9
Common Fallacies about Cancer Paince.nurse.com1
Considerations in the Treatment of the Older Adult With CancerONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1
Critical Care Telemedicinenursece4less9
Current Concepts in ChelationAPHON1
Cutaneous Complications in Patients with CancerONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.3
Everyday Ethics for Nursesce.nurse.com7.3
Death Dying and BereavementWestern Schools9
Disparities in Delivering Palliative Carece.nurse.com1
End of Life CareWild Iris Medical Education1
Ethical IssuesONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1
Everyday Ethics for Nursesce.nurse.com7.3
Evidence-Based Nursing Management of Oral Chemotherapyce.nurse.com1
Executive Training on Navigation and SurvivorshipONS/ANCC


Future of Nursing Report: What We've Learned So Farce.nurse.com2
Healthcare Disparities: How Can We Close the Gap?ce.nurse.com1
Health Issues Distinctive to WomenNetCE1.5 (Except 0.75 BMTCN®)
How to Stay Safe While Administering Chemoce.nurse.com1
Incorporating Physical Activity into Cancer CareONS3
Ischemic StrokeNetCE2
Leadership DevelopmentONS

34.5 - OCN®, CBCN®, CPHON®, BMTCN®

20.5 - AOCNP®, AOCNS®

The Link between Breast Cancer and Shift Workce.nurse.com1
Low Health Literacy/Discharge Educationce.nurse.com1
Lung Cancer Diagnosis and ManagementNetCE1.5
Keep It Clean: Hand Hygiene and Skin Antisepsisce.nurse.com1
Management of Access Devices in Cancer Care (ONS Journal Activity March 2016)ONS2.15
Managing Conflict, Finding Meaning, Supporting Families at Life's EndHospice Foundation of America2.5
Nausea and Vomiting Management for Patients with CancerONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.8
Navigating Through Conflict- Sucessfuly Strategies for Nursesce.nurse.com1
Nurse Empowerment in a Culture of SafetyONS2
Oncology 101: When your patient also has cancerRN.com2
Oral Mucositis, Esophagitis, Xerostomia, Dysphagia in Patients with CancerONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.1
Ovarian Cancer Awareness is Keyce.nurse.com1
Patients Who Refuse Bloodce.nurse.com1
Palliative CareONS

6 (OCN®, CBCN®)

1.5 (AOCNP®, AOCNS®)

3 (BMTCN®)

4 (CPHON®)

Palliative and Hospice CareNurseCE4less3
Palliative Care Nursing: Caring for Suffering PatientsAnderson Continuing Education3
Post Master's Foundation in Cancer CareONS

6 - OCN®


Post Master's Foundation in HematologyONS5.14
Preventable Adverse EventsNetCE8.5
Preventing Chemotherapy Errors by Promoting Culture of Safety (ONS Journal CNE Activity Oct 2016)ONS1
Preventing Medication Errorsce.nurse.com1
Prevention, Detection and the Science of CancerONS6.63
Professional Practice-Oncology RNONS2 or 6.03
Professional Practice-Oncology NP or CNSONS2
Psychological Support for Patients with


Psychosocial Care in OncologyONS


Radiation Therapy Certificate ProgramONS


Sleep Disturbances in Patients with CancerONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource0.9
Smoking Cessation Developing a Workable Programce.nurse.com1
Stomach and Colorectal Cancer: What is the Connection?ce.nurse.com1
The Success of Breast Cancer Activism: What's Next for Pink Ribbon?ce.nurse.com1
Taking an Exposure Historyce.nurse.com1
Target TherapiesONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.4
Thyroid Disorderce.nurse.com1.5
Tobacco Cessation, Temperature Measurement Methods, Quality of Life in Acute Leukemia, Cancer Caregiver Interventions (ONS Journal CNE April 2015)ONS2.5
Transforming Blood Cancer: The Role of Clinical Trials and CAR T Cell TherapyLeukemia and Lymphoma Society0.5
Venous Access DevicesONS/inPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.4
The Worldwide Fight against Breast Cancerce.nurse.com1
Costs of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation to PatientsNational Marrow Donor Program1
Impact of Affordable Care Act on Nursing ServicesThe Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center1
Electronic Miranda WarningThe Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center0.8

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