Welcome to the ONCC FreeTake Program!


Thank you for your institution's commitment to oncology nursing certification. Here's how to get started with the ONCC FreeTake Program:

    1. Download the Letter of Agreement by clicking the link below.

    1. Write your institution's name in the space provided in the first paragraph of the agreement. If the Letter of Agreement is on behalf of an entire health system, be sure to write the system name instead of an individual institution's name.
    2. Review the agreement. If your institution has any changes or amendments, please make a note of them on the agreement.
    3. Return the signed agreement to oncc@oncc.org.

Once we receive a signed Letter of Agreement, including any suggested changes or amendments, our Executive Director will review, and sign if changes or amendments are agreed upon. ONCC will return a copy of the fully executed agreement to you. Shortly after, we will email the specially-coded test applications to your institution's contact person and send you a welcome kit.

Helpful tips:

  • The sooner you return the signed Letter of Agreement, the sooner you can begin sending in test applications.
  • If your institution requires any financial forms to be filled out by ONCC for the monthly invoicing, please let us know.
  • The contact person must sign each application before it is sent in.
  • ONCC is only able to discuss test candidate status information with the institution contact person. If you wish to add a contact person, please email ONCC Customer Service at oncc@oncc.org.