Practice Tests

ONCC Practice Tests are a great resource whether you are thinking about certification, or preparing to take a test. Practice Tests can help you:

  1. Assess your readiness to take an ONCC certification test
  2. Become familiar with the type of items you can expect to find on an actual ONCC test
  3. Learn more about oncology nursing
  4. Practice answering questions in a computer-based format

ONCC offers one free Practice Test for each examination, and additional Practice Tests are available for purchase. Each Practice Test includes 50 items, as well as the correct answer, reference and rationale for the correct answer. When you purchase Practice Tests, you can access them as many times as you like for a 14-day period. Keep in mind, although the order of the 50 items will change each time you take the test, you will receive the same 50 items on a particular test.

Why choose ONCC Practice Tests? The items on the Practice Tests were created by certified nurses who have written items for actual ONCC examinations – so they are consistent in style and format with ONCC tests. In addition, the Practice Tests match the weighting of the Test Content Outline (Test Blueprint). That means the content areas are balanced the way they would be on an actual ONCC test.

ONCC Practice Tests are great study tools when you're preparing to take a certification test, or when you're looking to learn more about oncology nursing.